The main components of a powder magnetic brake or clutch are the



• Primary body (A) containing the inductor winding (coil).


• Secondary body (B) or rotor.


The two bodies are coaxially mounted and spaced out by an aircore (C).

The aircore is fi lled with magnetic particles (powder).

Feeding with direct current the primary body, a magnetic

fi eld is created, which causes the thickening (solidifi cation) of the

powder in the aircore, producing a resistant torque

between the two bodies (A and B).

This torque is directly proportional to the power

feeding the inductor winding of the magnetic fi eld.




• Magnetic powder brakes/clutches have to be mounted with

the shaft axle in a horizontal position, an inclination not higher

than 15° is allowed.

• Max. rotation speed is up to dimension P120= 3000 rpm

For model P170 max. rotation speed can be up to 3000 rpm with

dynamic balancing.

• Working temperature must not be higher than 100°C

• If the torque value decreases after a prolonged use, we recommend

to increase the current excitation of the magnetic fi eld.

If this is not enough,




The identification code of magnetic powder brakes and clutches is composed by three main parts:


•  The first part of code identifi es the size of the brake or of the clutch (P12, P35, P65, P80, P120, P170).


•  The second part identifi es the product as brake with the  letter “B”, or as a clutch with letter “C”.


•  The third part of the code identifi es the type of cooling complement mounted: the radiator will be indicated by letter “R”, the fan will be indicated by sign: “V-220”, “V-110”, “V-24”, the fan’s alternated current is also identifi ed.



AFP  card is a regolatur with  PWM loop current exit.


• TR1 = Max. current limiter

• TR2 = Zero setting

• TR3 = Derivative action insertable with a JP3 bridge

Entry regulation signal by tension 0 ÷ 10 Vcd,or by potentiometer 10 K.

To zero the output put 24Vcc on terminal 8.

On terminal 6 the card supply 24Vcc for voltage card signaling.

The card is equipped with two leds for the signalling of feeding status

Green led  on = Card in tension

Red led on = Interrupted fuse




AFP Card

AFP/1 Card + potentiometer 10K

AFP/T Card with trasformer

AFP/T/1 Card with trasformer + potentiometer 10K


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